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The main objective of the MCMB is to provide students with advanced, specialised and, at the same time, multidisciplinary training. Its field of knowledge is Life Sciences in general, and Cellular and Molecular Biology in particular. Consequently, it is aimed at university graduates in Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences and other related biosanitary or applied sciences. The MCMB has a clear vocation for training in quality scientific research and gives students the opportunity to achieve the title of Doctor, since, once passed, it gives direct access to the PhD Programme in Cellular and Molecular Biology (PDCMB). This PhD has been distinguished with the MENTION OF QUALITY and arises from the transformation of the PhD (Royal Decree 778/1998) of the same name, awarded and renewed since the first call for applications (MCD2003-0806).


1. To guarantee multidisciplinary training in the field of Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology for those students who become part of the Master’s, as well as a high level of up-to-date specialisation in particular scientific fields.

2. To provide methodological and conceptual tools to future researchers, in the process of training, in the field of Cellular and Molecular Biology, necessary to approach their Doctoral Thesis in an integrated manner, allowing them to tackle their “biological problem” with the widest possible scope, without having to restrict themselves to the methods and protocols used in their usual laboratory.

(Information also available in the University of Malaga website)

Coordinator of the MCMB

Dr. Rafael A. Cañas

Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Coordinator of the PDCMB

Dra. María del Carmen Alonso

Department of Microbiology

5 SPECIALTIES (until the 2023-2024 academic year)

Developmental Biology

Systems Biology

Biomolecular Engineering



  • Orientation: Research – Academic
  • Credits: 60 ECTs
  • Period: Annual
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • Number of places: 30 
  • Number of students in the 2023-2024 academic year: 33
3 SPECIALTIES (from the 2024-2025 academic year)
  • Orientation: Research – Professional
  • Credits: 60 ECTs
  • Period: Annual
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • Number of places: 30 
  • Number of students in the 2024-2025 academic year: