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For its part, training with an orientation of academic and research specialization in the area of Microbiology will pay special attention to pathogenic microorganisms and the pathological processes they induce in hosts of economic interest, such as plant crops and cultivated aquaculture animal species. . Therefore, this Master’s Degree will not only enable you to undertake Doctorate studies in the field of Microbiology with solid training and the maximum guarantees of success, but will also provide complementary specialized training for the development of the professional activity of the graduates. in strategic sectors in Andalusia such as Agriculture, Aquaculture or Health.


Subject Type Semester Credits
Cellular, Molecular and Structural Microbiology Compulsory specialty 1 5
Microbiological Diagnosis and New Antimicrobials Optional 1 3
Microbiomes and Microbial Interactions Optional 1 3
Microbial Pathologies of Cultured Aquaculture Species Optional 2 3
Microbial Plant Pathologies Optional 2 3
Immune Response against Pathogens Optional 1 3

To obtain the specialty you must choose at least 4 of the 5 elective subjects.