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The specialization in Cell and Developmental Biology is determined by the lines of research by the teaching staff participating in the Master’s degree that focus on work in Neurobiology and Embryonic Development with a focus on Cell Biology. This line would also be justified by the spectacular progress recorded in Neurobiology in recent years, which has led to greater knowledge of the mechanisms underlying the functioning of the brain. These advances have strengthened the links of Neurobiology with other disciplines, such as Developmental Biology, Genetics or Psychology and represent a strategic starting point for addressing topics of biomedical interest such as those related to diseases of the nervous system. This orientation will start from fundamentals of neuron biology and general organization of the central nervous system to deepen the knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie brain activity. Special attention will be paid to knowledge of the mechanisms involved in learning and memory and in aging and neuronal death processes, important aspects due to their implications in mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. On the other hand, Developmental Biology responds to the growing interest in this field of biological knowledge, due above all to the new concept that knowledge of the processes of embryonic development and cellular differentiation can contribute decisively to the resolution of problems of type doctor. The research effort that has been directed in recent years towards stem cells and Regenerative Medicine is good proof of this and illustrates the interest in providing adequate training in basic and applied concepts of Developmental Biology. All this will provide the Master with added interest for professionals not only from Experimental Sciences, but also those from the fields of Health Sciences.


Subject Type Semester Credits
Celular Biology Compulsory specialty 1 5
Developmental biology Optional 1 3
Development of the nervous system Optional 2 3
Cellular neurobiology Optional 1 3
Neurobiology of memory Optional 2 3
Vertebrate Organogenesis Optional 2 3

To obtain the specialty you must choose at least 4 of the 5 elective subjects.